PRAGUE, Czech Republic – 6. 8. 2020

Genesis Growth acquires a majority stake in R2B2, a leading provider of programmatic advertising services in the Czech Republic

Genesis Growth Equity Fund I (GGEF I), a private equity fund focusing on investments into small and mid-size growth companies primarily in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, successfully completed an acquisition of a majority stake in R2B2. R2B2 is an online programmatic advertising service company, working for a wide base of internet publishers on the supply side of the market. GGEF I partnered with the founders of R2B2, Mr. Kamil Foltin and Mr. Martin Čelikovský, with the aim to further develop one of the largest online programmatic advertising companies in the CEE region. R2B2 is the first investment of GGEF I.

R2B2 is an independent Czech technology company headquartered in Prague. The founders Martin Čelikovský and Kamil Foltin found a strong financial partner, who will support a further growth of R2B2 and its programmatic online advertising services while maintaining the inspiring environment of a highly innovative technological business.

Both founders of R2B2 will keep a shareholding stake, remain active in the company and will be involved in the strategic positioning of the business, development of new services and regional expansion. They will continue to bring their knowledge of the programmatic advertising to the new partnership. Since August 2020, the company has been run by the new CEO František Bauma and the new CIO Lukáš Alexandr, long-term managers of the R2B2, who also become the company's executives.

Marek Hoščálek, partner of Genesis Capital Growth who led the investment, comments: „We were impressed by the successful operations, built by the founders from scratch. We also appreciated the quality of the management team at R2B2, and we look forward to a mutual fruitful cooperation. We believe that R2B2 is excellently positioned to capitalise on programmatic advertising expansion and will deliver a dynamic growth required from our investments.”

Executives Lukáš Alexandr and František Bauma commented: „We will follow our ambition to be a major player on the programmatic

advertising market not only on the Czech market but through regional expansion also on other markets. Our goal is to unceasingly bring a high level of our services to both existing and new clients.”

Founders Kamil Foltin and Martin Čelikovský also commented: „We will actively participate in R2B2. Our ambitions are to improve the company's services, and not only from the technology point of view. We want also to respond to the future challenges and opportunities that the field of programmatic advertising will bring. We are pleased to cooperate with Genesis Capital Growth as a strong partner for a future development of R2B2.”

Jiří Beneš, Managing Partner of Genesis Capital Growth added: „We are pleased to announce the first investment of our new Genesis Growth Equity Fund I, which has been launched in November 2019. With further investments we will follow our investment strategy to invest into the companies with strong growth potential with experienced and ambitious management teams, who are looking for capital and support to grow their business further, expand internationally or invest in innovations. The Genesis Growth Equity Fund I will invest across a wider range of sectors with the preference for business and consumer services, specialty engineering and technology enabled businesses. “

About R2B2

Founded by Mr. Kamil Foltin and Mr. Martin Čelikovský in 2009, over the last ten years, R2B2 grew to a leading Czech technology company that operates a digital ad network spanning all online screens – computers, mobile devices, and TVs. R2B2 helps publishers to monetize ad space, and advertisers to extend their reach to the Czech and Slovak markets. The company services more than 100 publishers and TV stations that sell ad placement to hundreds of advertising agencies and direct advertisers.

In the Czech Republic, the programmatic online advertising market share is around 64% compared to almost 90% in the US or UK. By 2025, the programmatic channel is estimated to grow to over 75% share of the Czech online advertising market. R2B2,
as a premier provider of programmatic advertising services, will continue to help its customers to maximise their revenues from the wealth of existing advertisement networks.


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Transaction Advisors

Kinstellar was acting as legal advisors and PwC as financial and tax advisors to the Genesis Growth Equity Fund I.
Transaction and legal advice to R2B2 partners were provided by the SAMAK advisory group.

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